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going for tha tribute

2010-03-10 01:36:33 by ploxigens

well... nvm...


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2010-03-10 04:23:55

No. Don't do it. Newgrounders are a bunch of retards. Listen to us people at

ploxigens responds:

oh, like fatshark and stuff?


2010-03-10 07:57:39

You realy should do one! A tip is to make your own character, that doesn't look like Hank. Also, try to use 30 fps, instead of 25. It will make a difference. Btw, I saw another test you uploaded a short while ago. This test you had now was much better, but you can still improve a lot. Still, Krinkels first movies wasn't that good XD
Good luck with the Tribute!