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Entry #7

Looking for a collab to join

2011-08-08 19:06:27 by ploxigens

Im looking for a collab who would like to have me in it.
And here is a Test


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2011-08-08 20:43:07

your good but you need more practice


2011-08-09 07:06:50

pro tip
add sounds :3

ploxigens responds:

Haha yea, i need shells and such too ^^, but this was a test so i was like: fuck it.


2011-08-10 11:13:01

You are stupid 10 year old child

ploxigens responds:

Lol how come?


2011-08-10 14:50:58

YAY! you can join :)

ploxigens responds:



2011-08-10 15:23:42

Also if you know good people that want to join a collab, please say them about this collab


2011-08-11 09:12:06

Pretty good test, tho it looks like it is about 45 fps.

Tip: Make the head stay back and down when he falls, dont keep it up like that, looking at him... it's creepy D:

Tip 2: The hands are actually supposed to be at his feet when he falls, but not too close to them.

Tip: 3: Make him go backwards, not forward when he gets shot cuz it looks like he's slipping on an invisible banana.

I hope this comment was helpful.

ploxigens responds:

Haha thanks :), but it isen't 45 fps, i just like it really fast paced.

And thanks for the tips, their were helpful :)


2011-08-12 07:46:01

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2011-08-14 04:28:31

What about parts? you said, soon finished with 1 part, however, deadline is 1st october or maybe sooner

ploxigens responds:

Sec m8 :)


2011-09-10 14:08:15

r u now making ur part? i need 2 know

ploxigens responds:

Yea, the first one is finished and i have maked the spritesfor the 2, and now i need to animate.