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Looking for a collab to join

2011-08-08 19:06:27 by ploxigens

Im looking for a collab who would like to have me in it.
And here is a Test

Holy crap, new shit!

2011-01-26 11:59:46 by ploxigens

Yea i got my lazy ass up again and began to animate madness, here:

Test 1: 27c54d58ad2e93d8e3d8e5107337d5

Test 2: f7adb185667c18afe9becd452b3dec

So what the fuck can i improve?


2010-07-15 21:22:13 by ploxigens

yea omg a screenie... with GUNS!!!


time for some madness

2010-06-27 16:54:48 by ploxigens

yea, im (maybe) gonna post a little flash for madness day, wish all of you madness animaters good luck ^^

going for tha tribute

2010-03-10 01:36:33 by ploxigens

well... nvm...


2010-03-09 08:56:23 by ploxigens

well, i saw that everyone liked the mini test animations i have posted here :)
so im gonna make a big test, and then go for the tribute :D

soon new madness

2010-03-06 04:10:34 by ploxigens

soon im gonna post some little test animations....